Happy Buk’sday

Due to technical problems, we were unable to upload this post the very day – the 16th of August (last Wednesday) which would have been Buk’s Birthday. — Charles Bukowski was born 97 years ago not far from here... Read More →


As always: Take your time to follow my associations. They never are open to scrutiny at all. I hope... Read More →

Seize The Day

— JUST ANOTHER LAWNMOWER STORY — Here cometh the final scene from: «The Boat That Rocked» — a 2009... Read More →

Molecule Feelings

Noch einmal zur Erinnerung für die deutschsprachigen / germanophonen Leser: Dieser weblog wird seit der Wiedereröffnung am 28.02.2017 nur... Read More →


Streetsign, Boston (picture by kind permission of © Marcy Erb) Originally published on June 17th 2015 as the first... Read More →

Muir Woods

Thanks / and dedicated to Marcy Erb Just received this postcard / photo from Marcy — taken in the... Read More →

Light Light Light

«Ephemeral Rays» (Originally installed at Chatham Historic Dockyard) is the title of this light–woven installation by Charlotte Smith. And... Read More →

Opening (Relaunch)

This is the relaunch of the former «Beat Company». After consultations with my long– term following friends on both... Read More →